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ps i totally am going to do that football thing. it’s an interesting public policy question and ive been shopping around for a new crusade. but im not going to do it here. will be on another site. if you wanna come play, pm me for link.

The Middle East and other regions of the Muslim world are going through an agony of largely self-inflicted destruction. Though exacerbated by outside intrusion and neglect, it wasn’t caused by the U.S.—but it’s our inescapable problem, as well as the rest of the world’s. The means we use, including violence of our own, will be based on inadequate information and will bring unintended consequences. We will almost certainly overreact or underreact—most likely both. In or out, we will not come away with clean hands.

George Packer on the crisis in the Middle East today. (via newyorker)

yeah, we didn’t cause it! with those trillions of dollars of weapons, the most recent fourteen years of aggressive, interventionist warmongering, the past 70 years of propping up various factions and giving them boatloads of cash and military support, and the incessant fucking with local politics and power structures! that merely exacerbated underlying problems! if we weren’t there, all this shit would have happened anyway.

whatever shit it is that we are trying to handwave.

self-inflicted destruction are you for fucking real bro. “anwar sadat?” is supposed to be a joke, not a policy keystone.

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first date ideas

first date ideas

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in the back to back ~fun~ show after the main who charted podcast, armen tries to cobble himself together - obviously stricken to the core - and his mercenary co-hosts just want him to hobble through the show and laugh it off.

everything you need to know about american workplace dynamics is contained in this episode.


Fig. 107. The path made by head lice traveling near two hairs. Les merveilles du monde invisible. 1874.


Fig. 107. The path made by head lice traveling near two hairs. Les merveilles du monde invisible. 1874.

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wednesday morning hatchet job

matt besser relentlessly cleans the clock of timid careerist fuck armen weltzman. a slaughter almost on the scale of some of the great matt dolan/mark ames hatchet jobs of The Exile’s prime years, except it is waged against a totally unthreatening target. as tempting as it would be to say that armen can’t fight back, it seems more likely that it goes against his philosophy (timid, careerist) rather than his inclination, and his quiver of ideas and opinions is neither particularly full nor particularly strong.

he gets savaged in this. it’s painful to listen to and totally without redemption. he keeps thinking the thing he is expected to say is “i’ll try harder and change” - the classic roll-over-and-show-his-belly - when what everyone wants him to say is “fuck you, and also fuck your friends, and fuck most of my friends too. you cocksuckers had to make this ugly, maybe so it would match your dumb fat fucking legoblock-lookin face. tell you what, how about every time you want to come for me, i play a clip from hit me baby one more time. ok? is that what you want, jackass?” then he could have just played britney spears songs for the next 80 minutes and made matt shout to be heard over them.

think about that alternate universe while you listen to this.