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They decided that capitalism and the market was about the right to have the cheapest possible goods. That is what competition meant. This is a lie. No capitalist philosopher ever said that. As you bring the prices down below the capacity to produce them in a middle-class country you commit suicide. As you commit suicide you have to ask, ‘How do we run this place?’ And you have to run it using these other methods—bread and circuses, armies, police and prisons.

John Ralston Saul (via azspot)

i had a vision today of a book: a book which excavates the sundering of the american body. i mean the body of the individual american. 

the system which, pursuing various cost efficiencies, devoted itself to parcelling out every individual piece of his or her flesh, intellect, and energy. i mean we are all derivatives of someone’s balance sheet. 

the bodies moved into and out of suburbs, generating profits which went into few pockets.

the foods, the industrial-class foods, moving into and out of bodies, generating profits which went into a few pockets.

the sound, the visual, the natural, the medical

every need met at its most market-efficient point, from the place to shit to the place to worship. that’s the thing america does best. it’s not meant as an insult: it is the system built and put in motion, moving to its natural resting point.

but each time it is the body of the american who makes way for progress. upon the body of the american progress is birthed, kind of like Alien. the body of the american moves to the location 40 miles from where it works, which eats for convenience and cost, which is treated by a pill, which watches a television. at each location, a fine slice of life and value is extracted. THE POINT IS NOT TO MOCK THESE OFFICES OR DENIGRATE THEM. the problem is not the body, not the television, not the megachurch, not the freeway. the problem is the system which extracts value from humans without honoring them.

corollary thought (this is a true corollary even though it will not look like one): american-flavor right-wing thought prevails because it is the only form of feudalism which deliberately and continuously flatters its base.

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it’s not like today was bad. the point isnt that it was bad. the point is that it was tiring. today i fixed many things and felt useless, like someone terribly active bailing out a sinking cruise ship with a bucket.

it’s not like today was bad. the point isnt that it was bad. the point is that it was tiring. today i fixed many things and felt useless, like someone terribly active bailing out a sinking cruise ship with a bucket.

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A day later, I was in Stockholm, being forcefully reminded what an actual city is like, one designed for human activity, not just some abstract political notion of “mobility.” People live in the center of Stockholm, lots of them, in five and six story buildings that display great variety and conscious artistry within strong orders of architectural unity. The motifs are a northern folkish classicism. The effect is both reassuring and powerfully coherent. You feel civilized. Your neurology is constantly nourished as you walk. Unlike Americans, the Swedes don’t go about in their pajamas. Also absent were cholo caps, team sports toggery, and clown sneakers. How refreshing to see young people aspire to act like grownups instead of the other way around. And, of course, almost no one is supersized over there.

KUNSTLER (via azspot)


October 20, 2014 at 10:11 pm # 

I yes, America….

The land of overweight, undernourished people in body, mind and spirit, driving oversized vehicles to overly large malls in their pajama, sporting tattoos, baseball caps and overly large sneakers, purchasing food in large quantities that has been over processed, clothes that were made in a far off land with slave labour that look like hell after the first wash, talking on their latest cell phones using a language that just barely resembles English, worshiping people that play sports and make sounds that is supposed to be music but isn’t, aimlessly wondering the downtown streets of cities that are dead after the office towers close for the day or in far of suburbs where everyone hides in their cookie cutter houses made of press board and plastic, completely ignorant of politics, geography or history of the US not to mention the rest of the world, all the while proudly displaying the stars and stripes and arrogance that claims this land is the best land in the world.


October 20, 2014 at 11:25 pm # 

That about sums it up, Rex

A national economy based upon portable telephones; everybody looking down into their portable telephone at all times and in all places, wearing pajamas in public in the middle of the workday.

That’s where we’re at right now and this isn’t the end; its going to get worse.


from the comments. these guys are REALLY on about the pajamas in public. but what i liked was everyone’s general inability to identify any cause or control point between “ugly american swill proles” and “some guys who run things but they may as well be on a different planet.”

as much as i love a beatdown, this isnt a beatdown. as much as it aspires to be one. a beatdown goes IN. a beatdown turns every stone. it is a beatdown because it is thorough, lancing, gets into the cranks and pores. it speaks a dangerously capable truth. youll see, i have a good one lined up for tomorrow.

but this isnt a beatdown because it sticks to simple bitching and stone throwing, and so do 100% of the comments. i was surprised to see it quoted. if you want to see reactionary hatred for fat americans, momus does it better and more often, and is capable of criticizing structures rather than syndromes.

PS: “northern folkish classicism” - well, i know what you were trying to say, guy. and it can go by another name in certain circles. i dunno if it was intentionally dog whistle but some dogs did howl all the same in the comments.

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Hymn: The house of Ninazu in Enegir.

O Enegir, great libation pipe, libation pipe to the underworld of Ereckigala, Gudua* of Sumer where mankind is gathered, E-gida**, in the land your shadow has stretched over the princes of the land. Your prince, the seed of the great lord, the sacred one of the great underworld, given birth by Ereckigala, playing loudly on the zanaru instrument, sweet as the voice of a calf, Ninazu of the words of prayer, has erected a house in your precinct, O house Enegir, and taken his seat upon your dais.

* entrance to the nether world
**  Long house

plus ça change


‘michfest moments,’ off our backs. october 1996.

the riddle of the beer. it took me a moment to solve it, myself.


‘michfest moments,’ off our backs. october 1996.

the riddle of the beer. it took me a moment to solve it, myself.